brown scapular

"Whosoever dies wearing
this scapular shall not
suffer eternal fire."
    The Brown Scapular Pamphlet

    The Brown Scapular Pamphlet
- Promise of Our Lady made July
16, 1251 to St. Simon Stock
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The Brown Scapular Pamphlet
Scapular pamphlet
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Product Description:
This pamphlet offers a short history of the brown scapular, the promise, miracle stories
and a short question and answer section. The front of this pamphlet has a beautiful
picture of Our Blessed Lady. The back of this pamphlet has a picture of Mel Gibson
(Director/Producer of “The Passion of the Christ”) wearing his brown scapular.

Finest Quality - Best Prices:
Our brown scapulars are some of the finest quality scapulars that you can find
anywhere. Great Quality at an unbeatable price. You will not find lower prices for the
quality of scapulars that we offer.

Every Purchase supports our ministry:
Your purchase provides us with the needed funds for materials and services to
continue our ministry work. Proceeds received help us to send out free brown
scapulars around the world.

More Brown Scapulars:
We have a wide selection of brown scapulars to chose from. Every one is beautifully
handmade and will make a special gift for someone you love.
the brown scapular pamphlet
free brown scapular
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